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“Bio-mass Pellets will change the way you Heat For Ever”

We, at Pellet Energy Systems, are reckoned for providing cost effective and environment friendly product solutions for heating and cooking. Our wide range of products comprising Green Fuel, Clean Fuel, Solid Fuel, Pellet Stoves, Pellet Boilers, Pellet Heaters, etc. are acknowledged by our large clientele for their Potential, Reliability, Short Gestation and other quality attributes. We have recruited a diligent team of experienced professionals, who make use of the requisite resources installed at our infrastructure to provide bulk quantities within committed time frames. We have satisfied a large client base and we aim to deliver similar high grade products for environmental sustainability.

Our Range of Products:

Our Range has Biomass solid Fuel Pellets in various sizes & grades to cater market demand & variety of highly efficient appliances which run on Pellet Fuel.

Our products are categorized into two segments:

Solid Bio-Fuels/ Biomass Pellets

Biomass Pellet based Appliances & Applications


Advantages of Biomass Pellet Fuel & Appliances:

  • Reduction in CO2 emissions is 90% better when comparing the use Fossil Fuels.
  • High density, High GCV, less moisture & minimal ash.
  • Consistent fuel- GCV, moisture and ash is consistent.
  • Pellets are appropriate sized, to be uses for many applications and automations.
  • Dependable Fuel, not like fossil fuels like coal, Diesel, L.P.G which are day by day are depleting, prices shooting higher & higher.
  • Remove worry of supplies running out or rationing.
  • No damage caused to environment.
  • Safe Fuel, it has high flash point as compare to lose biomass, gas, liquid fuel.
  • Easy storage, easy handling, cleanliness can be maintained & easy transportation in bulk or bags.

Industrial & Commercial use:

We have more them enough heat energy stored in these agro-residues than we require if used efficiently. This wonder Biomass fuel has already made its strong presence felt in the Europe & America’s for decades in all heating applications, replacing all solid fuels including Briquettes and also Oil and Gas, through various appliances the popularity can be seen through its availability in Gen. Stores & shopping malls in retail segment.

Industries have largely adopted pellet fuel appliances for fulfilling their heating requirements. Whether it is hot water generators, boilers, hot air generators or any other heating equipment, industries now use various pellet appliances for all of them. Continuous feeding cookstoves are also commonly used in industries for meeting their day to day heating needs. Industries can choose a pellet appliance according to their needs so that it provides enough energy and heat for their work.


Why You Should Use Pellet Fuel & Appliances:

  • To avoid the recent huge increases in fossil fuel prices, with worries of supplies running out or rationed. Complete peace of mind and cost efficiency.
  • To do your part in reducing the damage caused to the environment by use of fossil fuels.
  • Wood is “Carbon neutral”. In that CO2 is taken from the atmosphere by trees during their life which is released back when burnt or during the natural process of decay. In a sustainably managed forest, wood is never removed faster than it is added by new growth.
  • Wood Pellets are easily stored and transported either by bag or in bulk.
  • Modern Pellet Boilers can be as easy to use as an oil burner. They can be thermostatically controlled with automatic ignition and a feed system that conveys product from either an internal or external store as required.
  • Pellets have a low moisture content resulting in high use of energy value.
  • Minimal ash.
  • Wood in pellet form is an appropriate form of fuel for residential or commercial buildings of all sizes.