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Biomass Pellets
The main raw materials for manufacturing of biomass pellet is Agro waste and forest residue due its low density and high water content.

The technology used by Pellet Energy Systems will ensure Quality & Consistency of pellets at every step.

These steps involve feedstock grinding, moisture control, extrusion, cooling and packaging. Each step is carried out with utmost care so that the final product is of very high quality.

Feedstock Grinding
The machines are fully equipped to process the feedstock to produce a uniform product (e.g. Baggasse, husk, tree droppings etc.), the material is first run through a “chipper,” and then run through a hammer mill or similar device to reduce the particles to the required size. Smaller and softer biomass (e.g., straw) can be fed directly into the hammer mill without first being chipped.

Moisture Control
Maintaining an appropriate moisture level in the feedstock is vital for overall quality of the final pellets. Through our technology, moisture can be removed from the feedstock by blowing hot air over through the particles. If the feedstock is too dry, moisture can be added by injecting steam into the feedstock.

The proper combination of pelleting equipement and input material properties helps to ensure durable pellets and ensure that it binds together in any storage or transportation circumstances.

Utmost care is taken while packaging as per the needs of the customers through state of art packaging facility. This ensures increased life of our pellets.