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Fuel Pellet

What is Fuel Pellets

Fuel Pellets are conditioned & compressed form of loose biomass like agriculture residue & Forest waste. It falls under many categories Biomass Solid fuel, Biomass Pellets, Wood Pellets, Sawdust Pellets, biomass briquettes, Fuel Briquettes….

Fuel Pellets are most Dependable, Quality consistent, Eco friendly, Renewable alternate fuel for generating HEAT in many forms for many applications in Industrial sector, commercial cooking and even residential sector. It’s the only biomass solid fuel which is free flowing and can be automated and stored as gas & diesel.

For decades, this wonder Biomass fuel has already made its Strong Presence in the Europe, Canada & Italy America’s in all heating applications. Pellets have almost replaced all solid fuels like wood, Briquettes, coal etc and also Oil & Gas in residential, commercial & Industrial through various appliances. The popularity can be judged through its availability even in General Stores & Shopping malls in retail segment.

Biomass Pellets Can Be Used For:

Industrial Heating: Pellet Fuel is Powerful tool for Industries to meet Govt. pressure for controlling Carbon foot prints and other pollution, hygiene norms which are impossible to achieve with fossil fuels. Pellets are best sized, enables it to flow freely through pipes, so feeding and spreading can be easily automated. Many appliances suitable for such high efficient applications are manufactured by us under our strict supervision.

Biomass pellet fuel is used across whole Europe, USA, Canada, Italy and now in India in following business segments:-

  • FMCG sector     
  • Dying & Textile Industries        
  • Power plants   
  • Pharmacy

Industries which need Heat for boilers, Hot Air, hot water, for metal castings etc…. can be multi-fold gain many benefit from pellets. Biomass Pellets are very economical & suitable replacement of coal and diesel in many applications, for co-firing with coal boilers.

One ton of coal replaced can reduce 1.3-1.5 tons of Co2 Emission.



Commercial Cooking & Heating:
Pellets appliances are gaining popularity in Food Sector due it cost effectiveness. Varity of Pellets Cook stoves have captured the market and are successfully running in restaurants, Canteens, Hostels, Guest Houses, Caterers… etc. Bakery Ovens running diesel are switching to Pellet Fuel base Ovens.

Residential Heating: In cold area where room heating & water heating is constant requirement .There Pellets can be wonderful Alternate Energy resource with can give made available round the Year, irrespective of seasonal changes. It can replace wood & LPG for heating, appliances based on pellets like fire places, Water Heating setups & Hot Air Generators for large space can be used.

Advantages of Pellet Fuel

Cost Effective – Usage of Pellets reduces maintenance cost & life of plant increases.

Consistent Quality means consistent Heating.

Product Range:

  • Saw Dust Pellets
  • Wood Fuel Pellets
  • Biomass Fuel Pellets
  • Non Oil Biomass Fuel Pellets


Pellet Saw Dust




We are an acclaimed manufacturer and supplier of grade-A Wood Pellet Saw Dust, which is available in 8 mm size in the market.

Pellet Fuel



Pellet Fuel


We are actively engaged in bringing forth the best quality Pellet Fuel, which is available in 600-750 kgs Jumbo Bags Packing.

8 MM Biomass Pellets



8 MM Biomass Pellets


We are considered amongst some of the creditable manufacturers and suppliers of a broad collection of 8 MM Biomass Pellets.

Oil Free Biomass Pellets



Oil Free Biomass Pellets


We are reckoned as a reputed and dependable manufacturer and supplier of a large spectrum of Oil Free Biomass Pellets.