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The Pellet Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd. (PESPL) was founded in the year 2011. It has been set with core objective of manufacturing biomass based Pellets and Systems that use pellets for generating energy.

Our Mission is to produce Innovative Green Energy Solutions that will help in improving the environment & are economical to use.

At PESPL, we understand the growing concerns over both climate change and the fast depleting reserves of fossil fuels. We believe that Bio-Energy has a prominent role to play in the provision of clean burning fuels.

In India, a lot of bio mass is already used in an inefficient manner. The appropriateness of bio mass as an energy source is the inspiration for producing Pellets as alternate fuel, this will be one of the cornerstones of India’s renewable energy program.

With a combination of Pellets as an efficient fuel & revolutionary heating appliances that use Pellets, the company aims to reduce the ill effects caused to the environment & mankind by burning of fossil fuel & also substantially reduce the cost incurred by use of fossil fuels as energy source.

Therefore, understanding the need of the hour, PESPL will provide appropriate and convenient technological solutions by organizing the bio mass supply chain in a sustainable fashion.

Our Vision is to be the Catalyst in innovating Green Energy Solutions that empower people to choose Clean & Efficient Energy as part of their daily lives.